NO-MISS Stretch Model


The NO-MISS Stretch model is a natural outgrowth of the popular original model.  It offers much more versatility and provides a solid rest if the hunter or shooter has a leg or a belt available. This product is ideal for disabled hunters in wheelchairs or ATV type vehicles. Also great for younger shooters because the weight of the weapon is on the NO-MISS stretch and the hands are free to stabilize and aim.  It attaches to the weapon just like the original model – on the forestock at the barrels forcing cone.

At this point the NO-MISS Stretch will not interfere with the barrels harmonics and will not transmit recoil.  The NO-MISS Stretch base can be placed on the hunters belt to form the perfect triangle to deliver an accurate shot at twice the distance of free hand shots.  Compared to products that go from the ground to the shooters eye the Stretch does not have the “wobble” factor experienced with the stick in the ground type products.  Also, the stick in the ground type products tend to “arc” when the target is tracked while the Stretch easily stays on target with gentle body movements.

The Stretch model works for a shooter from 4’9 to 7’5 tall.  The weapon receiver is padded so your weapons finish is protected and the Stretch can be shaped to fit any weapon and any lower surface (ie. your leg).


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