NO-MISS Stay Sharp Combo



Get 1 block sharpener  + 1 Strop stick + 1 strop compound, all for only $30!

The Block sharpener is the same knife sharpener that I show & sell at outdoor expos & gun shows. This sharpener works great!  It gets your knife super sharp without removing metal by re-aligning the edge and polishing. It sharpens any cutting tool you can hold in your hand including: kitchen knives, serrated knives, hardened steel knives like Buck, Kershaw, Case, Benchmade, Spyderco, Old Timer , Cutco  and even knives from XXXX hard D2 steel.


This is the same compound that is on the fast selling NO-MISS Strop stick.  It holds a 2000 micron abrasive in a wax media. The 2000 micron abrasive is commercially used to polish mirror glass and many other hard to polish items.  You apply it to your strop stick  just like coloring!  2.5 ounce stick