NO-MISS Original Gun Rest


The NO-MISS Original Gun Rest was developed to provide a solid rest from a tree climbing device – like the Summit Viper type face away from the tree type, and the climbers that face the tree.  The issue with tree climbing hunting devices is the tubular aluminum.  Invariably, the manufacturers of such devices warn the consumers that they cannot attach clamp or bolt any type of gun rest to the climbers arm rest. This is because  if the arm rest tube is clamped or drilled  it severely weakens the unit and risks a fall. Many hunters climb 30-40 ft and a fall could be fatal. The arm rest tube is not high enough for a gun rest in most cases.

The NO-MISS rest attaches to the weapon on the fore stock at the guns forcing cone and only rests on the arm rest. This does not void the warranty on the climber and provides the hunter with a solid rest, and does not interfere with the free floating barrels harmonics.  The NO-MISS Original will allow a hunter to accurately shoot at twice the distance compared to freehand.    The NO-MISS Original is also effective from a car window ledge and from many configurations of ground blinds.

The NO-MISS Original is solid, quiet and unlike anything on the market.


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