All Natural Turkey Call


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Inspired by the coastal Native Americans that inhabited the coastal islands and estuary shorelines of the Carolinas and Georgia. Research shows that the early American Indians hunted and enjoyed all manner of seafood including clams & oysters.  They also included wild turkeys in their diet.  As anyone knows that hunts turkeys, they are very wary and nearly impossible to stalk, especially with a long bow. The eastern Indians used various shells from the salt and brackish waters areas and used local hard woods such as American Holly, Persimmon and live oak for strikers and the sound was amplified by a hollow reed atop the striker.   We know this from evidence found in the many shell rings and shell mounds along the southern coastal areas.  The All Natural Turkey calls are made of naturally occurring items found in the southern coastal areas.  I utilize shells and make my strikers as the ancients did, but using some modern assembly technology to create a truer, more dependable sound  .  All my calls are different as all hen turkeys have different voices.    My calls are unique and they work!  Let the long beard gobbler in your woods hear the new girl in town!

I offer 2 types of calls, The classic pot type , and the thin hardwood sound box type . Both calls have a mounted and conditioned shell along with a striker

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