NO-MISS Hang ‘Em High Hoist

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Makes All Your Hoisting Jobs Easier
NO-MISS Hang em High Hoist is perfect for lifting heavy and bulky items over head and then securing the items without the need to tie knots.

Great For:

  • Hoisting / Hanging Game for Field Dressing
  • Hanging feeder in the field
  • Handles all your hosting jobs for work, hobby and play

Easy to Use

  • Hang the Hoist by S-Hook located at top of hoist.
  • Can lift up to 600 lbs. safely
  • Let system hang freely with ratchet at bottom and pulley in the middle.
  • Attach object to be hoisted onto the hook on the Rope Ratchet.
  • Pull the free end of 3/8 rope to raise the item.
  • Hoist automatically locks into position as you pull the rope so there is no need to tie-off the end.


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