The Man Behind the Gun Rest

My relationship with the outdoors started with my Uncle Joe.  He taught me how to hunt and fish and instilled the values in me that made me care about the resource. Unlike so many youth hunters I was not allowed to shoot a young deer. Just like the adults I was required to wait for a mature buck. Like so many kids I could only sit still for a few minutes at a time – so it was a years before I even saw a shooter buck.  I missed. I listened to the stories in hunt camp and tried to learn.  My skills got better and my love for fair chase hunting grew.  I saw the problems so many hunters encountered afield and studied and tried to offer solutions.  The NO-MISS gun rest is the solution.  If you’re in a place where there’s nothing to rest your gun – the NO-MISS works from your leg (seated) or from your belt (standing).  My name is Carl Griffin.  I am in the SC trophy deer record books, I’m a licensed offshore fishing captain and I still love all that nature is. Please enjoy my site!  MAKE EACH SHOT COUNT!


Carl Griffin

11 08 2009 Buck-05