The NO-MISS Philosophy

NO-MISS products were developed to improve the hunting and outdoor experience and eliminate some of the problems all hunters and shooters experience.   The NO-MISS rest was developed to ensure that any hunter would have a stable weapon rest in ANY situation.  At NO-MISS we believe in the following essentials:

  1. All weapons should be accurate and exactly on target.  (see NO-MISS Range Rest)
  2. All safety precautions should be observed afield.  All weapons should be considered loaded until proven otherwise. Control the direction of your muzzle.
  3. Always identify the target and what’s behind the target.  Make certain that there is nothing but air between your weapon and the target.
  4. Shoot to kill only.  Do not take a shot that may wound.  Be certain of the target and the range of your ability.  USE A REST! (see NO-MISS Original and Stretch Model)
  5. Always recover your game and make sure it is utilized properly.
  6. Leave the land the same or better than you found it.


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